Gtak Capital was founded with the mission of providing the excellence of international consulting, combining the flexibility and agility of boutiques with the expertise of global advisors. We are entrepreneurs, we know the challenges and we take the dare. Our passion for technology, our financial insight, and our understanding of the entrepreneur's journey set our advice apart, delivering agile and solid solutions to our clients.

Our goal is to close the gap between entrepreneurs and investors, between startups and corporations. The diversity of our experience allows us to support companies to scale successfully, matching financing with investors for growth or advising on valuable acquisition, merger or exit solutions.

We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals led by Iñigo Colomina (Founder). At the end of 2017, Gtak Capital began its activity in advising M&A and Fundraising for technology-based clients. To date, we have actively participated in more than 10 operations combining both services.

In addition, at Gtak Capital we invest in technology projects, we have a portfolio of more than 15 companies whose current value (of all of them) exceeds € 300 million. We lead or accompany investment rounds, doing “follow-ons” in the companies that are achieving the best performance. We have 3 total or partial exits.

Today we have offices in Madrid and Mexico DF, with the aim of taking advantage of the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the countries of southern Europe and Latin America / USA.

‘‘Price is what you pay,
value is what you get.’’